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Trading & Recycling Metal and Mineral Commodities


Buying the best raw materials around the globe

In addition to our existing suppliers (mines, industries, collectors, recyclers…) we are constantly looking for new vendors to select, analyse and qualify our purchases of the best adapted raw materials for our industrial clients, in the field of metal commodities (ores, concentrates, industrial byproducts / secondary products, scraps and waste).


ComoMet’s experienced technical team and engineers apply their skills to determine which material will best fit with our client’s plant technologies so as to maximise their value in recovery and/or transformation. They carry out in depth studies of the product’s qualities, process, raw materials used, classification, as well as producer’s ability to ensure regular deliveries, and compliance with local and  international and regulations.

Allocate the right material for the right plant


We deliver on our promises

ComoMet’s operations, finance, quality and logistics team ensure effective delivery of our commodities end to end by applying proven procedures in terms of product quality thanks to multiple assaying with the best certified laboratories, inspection by international independent surveyors and shipping with renown actors. We have full risk insurance and financing through first class banks for reliable payment terms. We ensure compliance of all contracts and legal documentation.


While trading metal commodities, ComoMet favours the purchase of industrial byproducts or waste. ComoMet makes best efforts to preserve natural resources, contribute to the circular economy, protect the environment, the human and animal health.  We carefully verify each product and the technologically adapted recycling or industrial facilities to ensure the compliant processing of dangerous elements … while creating value for all stakeholders.

We endeavour to contribute to making the world a better place to live in


We invest in recycling

ComoMet dedicates resources to promote local recycling in developing countries, near the source of waste so as to minimise CO2 emissions by reducing the chain of logistics, to generate added value locally and creating jobs through metal recovery at the same time.  We promote environmental protection by reducing the massive quantities of waste stocked by cities and countryside.


Our strategy includes partnerships with universities, research centres, certified laboratories, international organizations, factories, NGOs and other organisations to achieve optimisation and efficiency in processing and recycling of metal commodities.

ComoMet and Research & Development

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