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Impact investors

Our investors are individuals of several nationalities who believe in our ability to ensure a good return on investment, while willing to contribute to the “zero waste” perspective and circular economy. They believe the recycling industry is still a long way from achieving recommended targets. They are convinced that private initiatives with dedication, passion, energy, driven by respect and humanity, have to increase. Their aim is to prepare a better world for future generation.


The trading activity brings value and worldwide visibility to metal and mineral commodities. This allows ComoMet to identify sources of optimisation in the allocation of products and logistics process, as well as in opportunities in the recycling field.
ComoMet builds databases using AI, open data and other IT tools to evaluate industrial technologies, their byproducts, residues and waste, the best way to process it, and sources of waste in need of compliant recycling.

Trading creates value and brings visibility

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Wide experiences

ComoMet is made up of the combined experience of its team members, colleagues, investors, shareholders, agents, representatives and partners. We share the same ethical values and have expertise in international trade, finance, logistics, inspection, governance, compliance, law, chemistry and physics, engineering, recycling, factory planning, construction and project management.
Our team members come from several countries and cultures and ComoMet benefits from the cross fertilization of their origins and different areas of competence. This is the human core value of ComoMet.


Our agents and representatives are located in Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. They are all dedicated to identifying industries, byproducts, waste and scraps deposits and sources, whether to support its purchase for further recycling or processing in our partner’s plants, to study and promote local investment in recycling or to cooperate in finding the best solutions for local industries.

ComoMet’s international presence

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