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Quality assessment

Each material purchased by ComoMet and used as raw material for our industrial clients has to fit perfectly with each client’s production technology and requirements.


When procuring products, ComoMet applies strict procedures to qualify each product before allocating it to its industrial clients.

ComoMet requires from suppliers:


Pictures of commodities and producing plants

Assay from the producing plant


Representative samples to conduct full assay of the material with international certified laboratories

Plant’s full process and production flow chart


Detailed description of raw material used to produce the product or to generate the secondary product

HS Code, international classification of the material and MSDS


Production capacity and quantities available to secure long-term contracts in order to guarantee deliveries to our client’s producing or recycling facilities.




ComoMet carries out its due diligence procedure with suppliers and clients to ensure reliability of partners at both ends. This procedure verifies the compliance of all information and the existence, if required, of licences, certification, authorisation…

We like to get a full picture of our suppliers as a guarantee for our clients that they can work serenely and sustainably. Information gathered includes company background and corporate details, business and industrial activity, origin of products, facilities, supply chain, respect of OCDE, Basel, customs and any other relevant regulations. We naturally fully respect confidentiality.




ComoMet’s team has developed extensive expertise in delivering commodities to its clients, with procedures that ensures the quality and the quantity of products at each step, in accordance with agreed Incoterms, contractual terms and regulations:

  • Multiple assaying with certified laboratories prior to international independent surveyor’s full inspection at departure and destination

  • Verification of availability of containers and reliability of shipments with details of vessel bookings, in partnership with the best freight forwarders and shipping lines

  • Monitoring of product’s journey from plant to plant in real time

  • Systematic 110% all risk insurance in favour of our clients

  • First class banks to secure payment terms

  • Preparing all required compliancy documentation for each step of operations

  • Implementing and managing Basel procedures where required

Our dedicated team is available 7/7 to answer to partners specific questions and to solve any issues that may arise at any time during the procurement/delivery process

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